aah - an expression of surprise, delight or joy
aal - an "Indian Mulberry"shrub (also al,ach)
aas - plural of "aa"; rough surfaced lava flows
aba - a Bedouin garment of camel or goat hair
abb - a type of wool for yarn used to web fabric
abo - short for "aboriginal"; any native person
abs - plural of "ab"; abdominal muscles (tum)
aby - to pay for or "buy"a "fee"/atone/endure
ace - a one hit win/ a 1 pip card or die/ jot/ pro
ach - a Holland plant type/see also al,aal &och
act - to do a certain way/to perform or pretend
add - to combine/join/sum up/say more/plus
ado - a trivial fuss/busy stir/vex/hubbub/to-do
ads - plural of ad; advertisements/ advantages
adz - a tool for climbing,carving&cutting(adze)
aff - slightly askew/not centered/away from(off)
aft - behind/toward or near the stern of a vessel
aga - a turkish officer/but(Estonia)/threat(Norse)
age - to advance in life/get old/a"time period"
ago - in the past/ since/ gone by/ before now
aha - expression of surprise or triumph/ eureka!
ahs - plural of ah; exclaims of relief, joy, or awe
aia - a maid or nurse(India;ayah)/ama/amah
aid - to help/any assistance/relief/support/care
ail - to feel pain/be ill/suffer/a plant awn/garlic
aim - to point or direct/ to work toward a goal
ain - to own(Scottish)/feminist writer of Irish myth
air - to broadcast/to jump-fly/our breath/poise
ais - plural of ai; three-toed sloths(name; as cry)
ait - a small island in a lake or river(also 'eyeot')
ake - to ache; a dull, sustained pain/a soreness
ala - a fan like outgrowth/ a wing/ an ear/ leaf
alb - a priest's long, white "vestment"or robe
ale - a beer made with the top fermenting yeast
all - the whole of everything & everyone/ the lot
alp - a high, rugged mountain/ to devour (Irish)
als - plural of al; aal plants & their red dye inside
alt - a high musical tone/ alternative/ altitude
ama - a 'wet nurse', maid(Portuguese)(see aia)
ami - a friend(French)/ "amigo"9;to love
amp - to intensify/amplifier/ampere (var.ohm)
amu - atomic mass unit/1=12carbon/a"dalton"
ana - a collection of anecdotes/ of equal parts
and - an add on/also/plus/but/try to/also as "&"
ane - one; a single person or thing (Scottish)
ani - a type of tropical cuckoo bird (Old Tupi)
ann - pay to a minister's widow (a Scottish law)
ant - a socially complex & strong"two jaw"insect
any - some/ whichever/ one or another/ none
ape - to mimic/ a type of monkey/ to get crazy
apt - appropriate/fit/likely(to)/keenly intelligent
arb - an arbitrageur; a sly,"quick-buck" investor
arc - a curve/ arch/ bow/ a bridge of electricity
ard - a primitive plough/ habitual way(as suffix)
are - a metric land measure(area)/exists as(be)
arf - a barking sound, usually from a small dog
ark - a sacred chest/box/a big boat/a "life car"
arm - a forelimb/branch/an inlet/a gun/power
ars - plural for the letter 'R'/to be 'crude'(Arabic)
art - a creative or expressive work to behold
ary - any/ anyone/ whichever/ not one (nary)
ash - a grayish powder left from what is burned
ask - to seek information/ to question/ to invite
asp - venomous African snake/ Egyptian cobra
ass - a donkey/ a rear end/ a buttocks/ a jerk
ate - reckless ambition or impulse/p.t. of eat
att - a Laotian monetary unit / telecom. corp.
auf - an elf's child/foolish/an oaf or simpleton
auk - any diving seabird of the "Alcdae" family
ava - a pepper plant(for tea-buzz)(kava)/at all
ave - a prayer to the Virgin Mary/ a greeting
avo - a monetary unit of Macao; 100 = l pataca
awa -away (Scottish)/ the kava plant (Hawaii)
awe - overwhelmed with grand amazement
awl - a pointed tool for boring & punching holes
awn - awning/ a bristlelike, grass appendage
axe - a chopping tool/ to fire or cut off/ a guitar
aye - a "yes" vote(also ay)/yea/ forever/always
ays - plural of ay;affirmative votes/aye(s)/yeas
ayu - a"sweetfish"with tiny edible bones(Japan)
azo - containing a "nitrogen group" (azole)
baa - to "bleat"(like the sound a sheep makes)
short for;baccalaureate college graduate
bad - not good/off/evil/tough/cool/ very brave
bag - pouch/sack/an ugly lady/a preference
bah - expression of annoyance or disgust(yuck)
bal - a Scottish 'tam'-o-shanter or Balmoral cap
bam - to cheat/ the sound of a gun/ pow/ look!
ban - to forbid or prohibit/nix/to curse(archaic)
bap - a large, flat bread roll/a "Batman punch"
bar - a pub/ a metal rod/ a rectangular block
bas - plural of ba; souls (Egypt)/ base (Sweden)
bat - a flying nocturnal mammal/a club (to hit)
bay - inlet from the sea/ to howl/ reddish-brown
bed - a place to sleep or make love/ a "base"
bee - a 'flybug' that makes honey&wax/contest
beg - to desperately ask for/grovel/plead/woo
bel - a measure of noise(10 decibels)/ fine(Mid)
ben - a mountain/an inner room/"son of"/an oil
bet - to gamble/predict with confidence/wage
bey - a Turkish governor or ruler/ title of respect
bez - the 2nd "tine" of a stag's horn/ an antler
bib - to 'tipple'(drink regularly)/ a "chest apron"
bid - the "sum" or offer of price/ to try for/ invite
big - of a large size or quantity/huge/important
bin - a place for storage/a compartment/a box
bio - short for biography or biology/ life(prefix)
bis - plural of bi; a bisexual/a call for an encore
bit - a small amount/routine act/one 8th of $l.00
biz - business (slang)/a "line of work" modifier
boa - a large snake/ a long feathered scarf
bob - a quick bow/a fishing"float"/haircut/sled
bod - a person/a body/a strong or "fit"build/hot
bog - to weigh down/ sink/ a marshy, wet area
boh - an exclamation used to startle someone
bok - a goat or antelope(Africa)/ a lunar crater
bon - of good quality(French)/bon bon(candy)
boo - Marijuana/a noise to scare or disapprove
bop - modern jazz or its dance style/to hit/to go
bor - a neighbor (Old English)/short for borough
bos - plural of bo;men/cows,bulls,oxen(bovine)
bot - to cadge/ robot/program to ape humans
bow - to bend down in greeting/ front of a boat
box - to fist fight/ a crafted container/ a vagina
boy - a young male human/a close friend/guy
bra - brassiere/ variation of bro; hommie/ bud
bro - brother/a good friend/pal/dog/bud/"cuz"
brr - interjection to show feeling cold (also brrr)
bub - buddy/a low quality fellow/a jerk-off/ass
bud - marijuana/nug/plant growth/buddy/pal
bug - to annoy/ to "trip-out,"or "freak"/an insect
bum - to loaf/panhandle/a homeless guy/butt
bun - a rounded bread/a sweet roll/1ass cheek
bur - to whisper hoarsely/ a "bit " for a drill (burr)
bus - transport for groups/to clear and set tables
but - on the contrary/merely/nothing more/yet
buy - to purchase/ a "good deal" or "low price"
bye - a free pass/an address of farewell/see ya!
bys - plural of by; (a variant of "bye");goodbyes
cab - a taxi/a compartment for a pilot or driver
cad - a ill-bred, pig of a man/rogue/scoundrel
cam - camera/a tooth on a wheel to hit a lever
can - a metal cylinder/jail/toilet/to fire/able to
cap - the limit of something/ a lid/ a billed hat
car - an automobile/ one section of a train/ rod
cat - a feline animal/ a cool guy/ a jazz player
caw - a raucous, crow-like "cry" (also kaw)
cay - a small, low island/ a coral reef (also key)
cee - the letter "c" or anything shaped as such
cel - celluloid; a plastic sheet for animation art
cep - the tasty, big-cap "porcino"mushroom
cha - tea (San)/ not (Gaelic)/ God (Jamaican)
che - I or me/ hey!/ pal/ man/ dude(Spanish)
chi - an over all & inner life energy (tao or dao)
cid - a captain or hero (Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar)
cig - short for cigarette;a tobacco"jay"/a smoke
cis - certain atoms on same side of a molecule
cit - a citizen/ pure consciousness (Hinduism)
cly - to seize or steal/ to cry(from "Chinook"tribe)
cob - to hit/ a "top"/ nut/ corn core/ male swan
cod - to make fun of/codfish/a scrotum/a"pod"
cog - to con/cheat at dice/a coin/subordinate
col - a mountain range gap or pass/ a "collar"
con - to trick or control cunningly/ a "convict"
coo - sound of a dove/ to speak softly with love
cop - to capture/a police officer/to take or steal
cor - a Hebrew measure/a surprised yelp/heart
cos - a long-leaved, romaine lettuce/a 'cosine'
cot - a crib/a collapsible, canvas, fold-out bed
cow - to subdue/ intimidate/ an uttered animal
cox - a coxswain; the director of a rowing crew
coy - to caress/ flirtatiously shy or noncommittal
coz - informal for cousin(cuz)/ a thorn(Biblical)
cru - a French 'vin'yard yielding quality wine
cry - to utter a sound of pain or grief/to whimper
cub - a kid bear, lion, tiger, shark, wolf, or man
cud - rechewed food/ a "wad" you can chew
cue - to signal/a stick used to play pool/Q (kue)
cum - to orgasm/a fluid containing sperm/plus
cup - a small, open container/a support device
cur - a worthless mongrel dog/ mut/ a coward
cut - to slice/an incision/let go/reduce/axe/fire
cuz - short for "because"or"cousin"/bud/pal/bro
cwm - valley/ steep circular basin(stone or ice)
dab - to apply a small amount/ to tap/ a flatfish
dad - to thump/ a father; the male parent/ pop
dae - to act or "do" (Scottish)/ die (of "Wolof ")
dag - a matted clot of wool/ a hanging shred
dah - a burmese knife/ in morse code; 3 x "dit"
dak - the mail (in India)/ to travel by relay/ hop
dal - any of the S.Asian"pulse"beans(as cuisine)
dam - a barrier of water flow/ an animals mom
dan - a level of skill above kyu/ black belt rank
dap - to dip or skip(water)/to run or jot/high five
das - a "hyrax"rat/ plural of da; Burmese knives
daw - to dawn/a slut/a jot/a "whit" (all Scottish)
day - a period of light or time in history/24 hours
deb - short for debutante/wench/babe/boytoy
dee - to "do"(Geordie)/ to damn/ the letter "d "
def - excellent/cool/hard of hearing/definitely
dei - inflection of "deus"or plural of "di";the gods
del - a mathematical symbol/a share or part of
den - a lair/cave/hideout/a remote room/study
dev - a Hindu god, deity, idol, or King (deva)
dew - water droplets from condensation/ to wet
dex - a sulfate used as a stimulant (Dexedrine)
dey - governor(in former Algiers)/a ruler(Tripoli)
dib - to bob-fish/dip/a kid "sheep bones"game
did - past tense of do/ having done something
die - to end living/fade/a "cut stamp"/1of 2dice
dig - to shovel/ to search/ to like, or be cool with
dim - of low light/ not bright/ stupid/ dumb/dull
din - a jumble of loud discordant noise/ dinner
dip - to immerse briefly;to lower/a stupid person
dis - to dismiss, put down or disrespect(also diss)
dit - to block (Scottish)/in morse code; 1/3 "dah"
div - a demon of Persian mythology/ a division
dob - to"rat"on/ betray/ trader/ age,oak(Slavic)
doc - a doctor or physician/ a documentation
dod - to cut the hair of / to "become" (Welsh)
doe - a female deer, rabbit, goat or kangaroo
dog - a canine animal/a guy slut/bro/hommie
doh -a "do"note/damn it, me! (Homer Simpson)
dol - a unit of pain intensity/ crazy(Netherlands)
dom - a title given to monks or male royalty
don - to wear/ the leader of a mafia family/"sir "
doo - a dove or pigeon(Scottish)/ poo/"dookie"
dop - to dip/a copper cup to cut diamonds in
dor - to mock/ a trick/ a black European beetle
dos - plural for do; first musical note on a scale
dot - a tiny spot or point mark/ exactly on time
dow - to be able/to do well/thrive/a "dhow"rig
dry - not moist/ without/ a shrewd wit or humor
dso - a yak-cow hybrid(male)/ dzomo(female)
dub - to "
add" in sound/ to copy/ to nickname
dud - a person, event or bomb that fails/ lame
due - something expected or deserved/ a fee
dug - a nipple or udder (tit)/shoveled/enjoyed
duh - obviously/'of course, stupid!'/ghost(Slavic)
dui - plural of duo;pairs/a drunk driving charge
dun - a brownish gray/ to beg or vex for a due
duo - a musical duet/a "twosome"/pair/couple
dup - duplicate/to undo or open(Shakespeare)
dux - leader (Latin)/duke/the most apt kid/ace
dye - a liquid used to color/ most extreme sort
dzo - the male of a yak & cow(zho)/a "yakow"
ean - to give birth/set forth/yean (Shakespeare)
ear - a corn cob/ the organ or sense of hearing
eas - waterfall(Scottish)(from ea;'god of waters')
eat - to consume by mouth/ to give oral sex to
eau - water/ wet (French)(pronounced "ooh")
ebb - the outward flow of the tide/ to recede
ech - to "eke"out (Shakespeare) (also "ich")
ecu - any of various old French coins/five-franc
edh - an Old English letter for the "th"sound(eth)
eek - interjection expressing fright/ "eke"variant
eel - a one fin,oil slick,'snake-fish'/unagi/anago
een - plural of ee; eyes (Scottish)/e(v)en (eve)
eff - a euphemism for "fuck"[from"F"off or"F"you]
efs - plural of ef; "F"letters/fucks/beds/hits/screws
eft - a developing newt/lizard/again/afterward
egg - a shell & its embryo/ an ovum/ to urge on
ego - 1/3 of yer psyche; how you see yer "self"
ehs - plural of "eh"; questions or queries/ "huhs?"
eik - same as "eke"(Scottish)/ oak (in Dutch)
eke - to gain with great effort/ to merely get by
eld - old/age/a long ago time/late in life/elder
elf - a small, mischievous, magical creature
elk - a deer with big, flattened antlers/ a moose
ell - the letter "L"(also el)/a right angle/an elbow
elm - a tree with serrated leaves good for shade
els - plural of el; "L"letters/ elevated railways
elt - a young sow or pig/to knead/rub(obsolete)
eme - an uncle (from poet "Edmund Spencer")
emf - voltage/ electromotive force/ electricity
emo ~ a music genre;"emotive"(melodic punk)
ems - plural of em;'m'letters/ typed 'm' widths
emu - a flightless Australian bird(like an Ostrich)
end - the finish/ to stop/ the finality of anything
ene - eve of an event/east-northeast (compass)
eng - a Latin phonetic symbol for the"ing"sound
ens - an entity/plural for en;"n"letter
s/"m" halves
eon - an eternity/ two or more eras/ gnosticism
era - an age/a memorable period of time/ eld
ere - previous to; before/ to plough (obsolete)
erf - a garden plot =to about half an acre/erven
erg - a unit of work =to l dyne over l centimeter
erk - a slang for aircraftsman/an ass, bub or jerk
ern - an old spell of "earn"-to get paid for effort
err - to make an error or mistake/ to stray/ to sin
ers - the"bitter"vetch plant; ervum ervilia/ harsh
ess - the letter "s"(also es)/suffix meaning female
est - east (French)/ estimate/ established/ estate
eta - the 7th Greek letter/a top notch "sailplane"
eth - a former English "letter" for the "th" sound
euk - to itch (ewk)(obsolete)/a eucalyptus tree
eve - evening/the night before/Adam's rib&luv
ewe - a female sheep/one of a tribe inS.Ghana
ewk - to itch (euk, yuke, youk, yuck)(obsolete)
ewt - a newt/salamander/effet/eft/a water"ask"
eye - a spy/to"see"well/a"focal"/a potato"bud"
fab - fabulous/marvelous/hip/cool/groovy/rad
fad - a "craze"/the"pop"trend or "hip"style/"ton"
fag - to work hard/ a cigarette/ a homosexual
fah - the 4th note on a scale(fa)/hostile/criminal
fam ~ slang for"family";one's "kin"/yer "familiar"
fan - a device that cools/ a dedicated "fanatic"
fap - "fuddled"or "drunk"(William Shakespeare)
far - a long distance away/ever so out of reach
fas - plural of fa; 4th tone of the diatonic scale
fat - obese/overweight/plump/large/big/rich
faw - gypsy; a 14th century nomad from India
fax - to "copymail"info via a"facsimile"machine
fay - to join or fit tightly/faith/a fairy/an elf/hob
fed - a federal agent/ nourished/ gratified/ full
fee - a penalty to be paid/ a fixed charge/ a tip
feh - a hebrew coin (also peh)/ yuk! (in Yiddish)
fem - effeminate/feminine/"metro sexual"/girly
fen - a marshy bog(wetland) with a bed of peat
fer - for/far (obsolete)/ facere; to do(Latin origin)
fet - to fetch(Chaucer)/hip or"phat"(Nordien;fat)
feu - to grant or hold land under Scottish law
few - not many/more than one/a bit/some/little
fey - touched by magic/ slightly insane/ a seer
fez - a red, brimless, flat-top hat (a "tarboosh")

fib - a white lie/a trivial untruth/falsehood(fable)
fid - a conical pin of hard wood (like cotter pin)
fie - an interjection expressing disapproval (fi)
fig - a Ficus tree fruit/ to adorn/ just a bit/ figure
fil - the shaft of a vehicle/ fell or fall (obsolete)
fin - a flipper/a five dollar bill/an "end" (French)
fir - a kind of evergreen tree of the"Abies"genus
fit - healthy/suitable/the perfect size/an attack
fix - to repair/secure/a bad spot/what is craved
fiz - a hissing sound/bubbly/effervescence(fizz)
flu - a short for influenza; an acute viral disease
fly -
cool/hip/a baseball hit high/to soar/speed
fob - to deceive(fub)/a watch's chain or pocket
foe - an enemy of war/ an opposition of any sort
fog - ground level clouds/ confusion/ new grass
foh - interjection of disgust (fie, poh, bah, pho)
fon - to compel/ a fool/idiot/ a warm, dry wind
fop - to fool/ a very prim & vain man/ a dandy
for - in place of/ in favor of/ intended "toward"
fou - a "mad"man(French)/ new(Samoan)/ fap
fox - a red fur canine/sly/sexy/a tribe(sac & fox)
foy - an allegiance,loyalty,faith/a farewell feast
fra - a monk/friar/brother/frake(Italian)/fro(Old)
fro - same as from (obsolete)/ forth/ backward
fry - to cook in oil or fat/to burn out/to drop acid
fub - to cheat (fob)/put off(trick)/smart/a fat kid
fud - a rabbit, hare or "coney"tail/woolen waste
fug - a hot, closed, smoky atmosphere or room
fum - a mythical Chinese bird/ to play a fiddle
fun - to enjoy/to play/amusement/sport/laughs
fur - the coat or short hair of animals/peach fuzz
gab - chat/trivial conversation "gift"/gob(mou)
gad - to rove without aim/run wild/ arrowhead
gae - to go(obsolete)/a spear('gae bulga';Irish)
gag - to silence/ a joke or anecdote/ a prank
gal - a woman/a unit of acceleration/a gallon
gam- a school of whales/a seamen party/a leg
gan - began/commenced (Chaucer/Spenser)
gap - an opening, space, break, part, or notch
gar - to cause or compel(Scottish)/ a needlefish
gas - a fun thing/nitrous oxide/gasoline/fumes
gat - a gangster's pistol(rod)/a sea channel/got
gau - a German district of the Nazi regime
gay - merry/ carefree/ colorful/ homosexual
ged - a food fish/general equivalency diploma
gee - to get horses to turn right/sound of surprise
gel - a jelly-like substance/to solidify/to groove
gem -a precious stone/ a bit of beauty/ a bud
gen - general information/ genus/ generation
geo - a gully or creek(gio, goe)/of Earth(prefix)
get - to obtain/understand/a win/offspring/style
gey - very/extremely/considerable (Scottish)
ghi - butter/oil(ghee)/"naraghi";tower(Sardinia)
gib - a "tie"for a "key",strap&rod/a tomcat/ jib
gid - when a tapeworm buds in a sheep's brain
gie - to guide/to give(Scottish)/a karate"suit"(gi)
gif - if (obsolete) /computer file type for images
gig - a job/a fishing spear/a carriage/gigabyte
gin - to process cotton/a trap/a clear, rye-liquor
gio - a gully or creek (also goe, geo)(obsolete)
gip - to swindle or rob(gyp)/ to "gut"/ a servant
gis - plural of gi; karate suits with a"tie-belt"(gie)
git - a British "pejorative" for "guy"/ a gate/ get
gju - a type of violin used in "Shetland" (gue,gu)
gnu - a large, African antelope/ a "wildebeest"
goa - a Tibetan gazelle/ a "State" in India
gob - a sailor/ a small mass/ a large amount
god - a supernatural being/ an all-life energy
goe - a gully or creek (also geo, gio)
gon - a"geograde"/begin/gan/hemp(Sanskrit)
goo - a sticky wet substance/sentimental drivel
gor - interjection used as a mild oath (a swear)
gos - plural of go; a Japanese checker game
got - obtained/ met with (past tense of get)/gat
gov - government; established "management"
gox - gasious oxygen; compressed to get "lox"
goy -
a gentile/a non-Jewish person (offensive)
grr ~ to make a sound like a wild animal or dog
gub - an Aboriginal term for a "white man"
gue - a violin used in Shetland (also gu, gju)
gul - a stylized design used in Oriental carpets
gum - a chewable mass/resin/glue/a jaw liner
gun - a pistol/ any triggered device that shoots
gup - to gossip or "prattle"; idle talk (like gab)
gur - a cane sugar/ languages of Central Africa
gus - plural of gu; violins used in Shetland (gjus)
gut - stomach/instinct/the grand unified theory
guv - a governor (also gov)/ sir (British slang)
guy - odd looking/ a man/ a wire that steadies
gym - gymnasium/ a metal climbing structure
gyp - to swindle or overcharge/ cheap/ gypsy
had - to hold (Scottish)/ now without/ "duped"
hae - to have (Scottish)/ to "get"/obtain/possess
hag - an ugly,old,evil witch or woman/to "hew"
hah - expression of surprise, joy or dismay/"aah"
haj - a Muslim pilgrimage to "Mecca"(also hajj)
ham - to overact/ the thigh of a pig/ one "bun"
han - a man who owns/an old Chinese dynasty
hao - a monetary unit of Vietnam;10=to1"dong"
hap - to "happen" by chance/one's luck or "lot"
has - present tense of have; possesses/ owns
hat - a cap/a "lid"/one's"role"/a "circumflex"(^)
haw - indecisive noises/ a yell to turn a horse left
hay - straw/dry grass/ a trifling "bit"of money
heh - a Hebrew letter/a sound for attention(hey)
hem - to form an edge or border/ to sew a fold
hen - a dare/ a fussy old gal/ a female chicken
hep - a rosehip/ a variant of hip; in style or cool
her - reference to a girl,ship,machine, or nation
hes - plural of he; male persons (boys)/ "he is"
het - a heterosexual (slang)/ heat (dialect)
hew - to cut down/axe/to hack or hag(Scottish)
hex - an evil spell or curse/ to bring bad luck to
hey - call for attention/hi/
sup/a square-dance
hic - an "onomatopoeia" for a "hiccup" sound
hid - past tense of hide; concealed or obscured
hie - to hurry along, go quickly, or hasten (hye)
him - objective case of he; reference to a male
hin - a hebrew liquid measure = to about 5 liters
hip - in style/cool/in tune with/a side of the waist
his - possessive case of he; a male's ownership
hit - to strike/ to have sex with/ a popular "thing"
hmm - a sound of thoughtful consideration
hoa - to order a stop, halt or "stand still" (whao)
hob - a shelf by a fireplace/ an elf/ mischievous
hoc - Latin for "this"; a reference to anything
hod - to jog/ a box on a rod to cart bricks with
hoe - a right-angle-bladed yard tool/ a whore
hog - to use selfishly/to hoard/a pig/motorcycle
hoh - a call to stop or stand still (also ho or hoa)
hoi - interjection used to attract attention/"hello"
hon - honey as a term of endearment/ sweetie
hoo - interjection expressing boisterous emotion
hop - to jump/to travel quickly/a dance party
hos - past tense of ho; to stop/plural; prostitutes
hot - intense/cool/new/live/stolen/spicy/sexy
how - a question of or a shown way to do or act
hox - to hock or cut a hamstring (Shakespeare)
hoy - a call for attention/ to incite/ a large boat
hub - the center of a wheel/ the focus of interest
hue - color/tint/shade of red,yellow,blue/to yap
hug - an embrace of love/ to hold or fit closely
huh - an expression of confusion,doubt or "awe"
hui - a gathering by the "Maori" of New Zealand
hum - to sing with closed lips/to ape a bee/buzz
hun - destructive/one of "Attila's" war nomads
hup - a call to turn a horse right or time a march
hut - a small, simple makeshift shelter/ a shack
hye - to hurry along, or move quickly (also hie)
hyp - to offend/ to make melancholy/ hyper
ice - frozen water/diamond/crystal meth(slang)
ich - to eke out; ech(Shakespeare)/them(Polish)
ick - interjection used to express disgust/ yuk
icy - covered with ice; frosty/a bitter cold stare
ide - a freshwater fish/same as id;the self(Freud)
ids - plural of id; a type of fish & "the self"/ idems
iff - if and only if (used in mathematical logic)
ifs - plural of if; possibilities/ maybes/ ands/ buts
ilk - a type or kind of people/ the same(Scottish)
ill - unwell/ misfortune/ sick/ rad/ I will/ Illinois
imp - to fix a bird's feathers/a mischievous child
ink -a writing liquid/a squid's protective jet fluid
inn - a hotel/ hostel/ lodge/ tavern/ restaurant
ins - present tense of in;gather a harvest/not outs
ion - an electrically charged particle or atom
ios - a satellite of Jupiter/plural of io; cries of joy
ire - a feeling of anger, wrath, or "belligerence"
irk - to cause ire or "choler"/annoy/ irritate/ vex
ish - a legal issue (Scottish)/ sort of like (as suffix)
ism - a belief system/ a wild or visionary theory

iso - short for "isolated replay"/an "identity"prefix
ita - a South American palm(a "Mauritia palm")
its - plural of it; charismatic qualities/ it is/it has
ivy - a climbing evergreen plant/ a top league
jab - to poke or quick punch/ a stab or pierce
jag - a flap or notch/ a stint of overindulgence
jak - a huge East Indian tree with great big fruit
jam - to block/ jelly/ to play music with/ to rock
jap - to apply a black lacquer/ Japanese (nip)
jar - to vibrate unpleasantly/ a glass canister
jaw - to"gab"or"yap"/the framework of a mouth
jay - a bird of the crow family/the letter J/a joint
jee - to urge horses on (also gee)/yeah!(Finnish)
jet - a dense"black"coal/a squirt/burst/airplane
jeu - a set/a gun twirl/a game/to play (French)
jew - a member of Judaism/ to get the better of
jib - to refuse/a sail/a crane arm/"appearance"
jig - a lively dance/a trick/a device to wash ore
jin - a spirit(Arabic word; also jinn)/ Jinni/ Genni
jiz - a wig(plural;jizzes)/ spooge/cum/wad (jizz)
job - an occupation/a criminal act/a task to do
joe - sweetheart (Scottish)/coffee/a regular guy
jog - to run slow and steady/ a sharp change
jor - the 2nd movement in Hindu music(a peak)
jot - to quickly note/iota;a wee Greek letter/yod
jow - to "toll"; to ring a large bell in slow rhythm
joy - to rejoice/"happiness,"and or,its source/fun
jud - a mass of coal ready for "final removal"
jug - a large bottle or pitcher/ a jail/ one breast
jun - a Korean coin(chon)100=won/June/junior
jus - a law or legal right;also ius (Latin) / juice
jut - to project/ a thing that protrudes/ a "bulge"
kab - an ancient Hebrew measure = to 2 liters
kae - to serve/ a handsome crow (same as jay)
kaf - the 11th Hebrew letter(kaph)&22nd Arabic

kai - a meal or food (Maori)/ a wharf (German)
kam - crooked, twisted, or distorted (obsolete)
kas - past tense of ka:to serve/cash(Indonesian)
kat - leaves used for a euphoric stimulant (qat)
kaw - to cry like a crow, rook, or raven(to"caw")
kay - the letter "k"/okay/fog(from Manx Gaelic)
kea - a large, "ket" eating, New Zealand parrot
keb - a "ewe" that gives birth to a stillborn lamb
ked - a wingless fly that feeds on livestock
kef - the potent powder off a "nug"/a drug-state
keg - a small cask/ a barrel of beer/ 100 ponds
ken - knowledge or perception/ to know
kep - to catch a falling object or liquid
ket - carrion; rotting flesh/filth/sweet(in Geordia)
kex - a dry, hollow, plant stalk ("umbelliferous")
key - a lever/a map index/essential/a kilo/tone
khi - the 22nd letter of Greek alphabet (also chi)
kid - to tease, fool,or "rib"/a young goat/ a child
kif - hemp smoked to produce a euphoria (kef)
kin - related by blood or marriage; a bro or cuz
kip - to nap/a calf's hide/a flat wood swy tosser
kir - white wine with black currant(Chamborde)
kit - a set of parts/clothing/a pocket violin/kitten
koa - a large Hawaiian tree/ brave (once"toa")
kob - a West African waterbuck (an antelope)
koi - carp; a hearty fish akin to goldfish (Japan)
kon - to know; to be aware of (obsolete)
kop - a South African word for"hill"or"mountain"
kor - a Hebrew or Phoenician unit of measure
kos - an Indian measure of length (coss)
kow - a "bunch" of twigs (obsolete)
kue - the letter "Q"(the English standard is "cue")
kye - cattle/a real time computer puzzle game
kyu - any rank below 'dan'in martial arts or "go"
lab - a laboratory/ labrador/ Danish for paw
lac - the bug or its sap made into a Shellac dye
lad - a boy or youth (cub)/ a fellow or chap
lag - to fall behind/a barrel slat/convict (slang)
lah - the 6th note in a scale(also la)/ "Singlish"
lam - to give a thorough beating to/ to escape
lap - to scoop with the tongue/ one full turn
lar - a Roman "household" god/a "gibbon" ape
las - plural of la; sixth musical note on a scale
lat - an isolated pillar(India)/a muscle/latitude
lav - short for lavatory; a bathroom or toilet
law - a set of rules or principles to follow or enact
lax - slack/ not strict/ loose/ overly re"lax"ed
lay - to set down/ to bet/ to have sex or an egg
lea - a meadow or pasture/a measure of yarn
led - showed the way/ ice (in Slavic countries)
lee - shelter from the wind (ship)/ a lie (Scottish)
leg - a limb for standing/ one side of a triangle
lei - a garland or wreath of flowers in Hawaii
lek - to gather cocks/ male aggression for sex
lep - same as leap; to jump/ leaped (obsolete)
les - a lesbian (also lez)/ a leash (obsolete)
let - to allow/ the hindrance of the net in tennis
leu - a unit of Romanian currency =to100 "bani"
lev - a Bulgarian currency(lew)/ from lyv; lion
lew - sum =100stotinki(lev)/lukewarm(obsolete)
lex - the law(Latin)/lexical;analysis of language
ley - a meadow or pasture(lea)/ alloy (aley)
lez - lesbian; a gay woman (also les or lezzie)
lib - to liberate/ liberal/ liberation/ liber; free
lid - a top of a container/a cap/1ounce of bud
lie - to fib/a falsehood/ to be horizontally set
lig - to lie about/to be idle/to recline/to lay still
lin - to cease (obsolete)/ linen (French)/ linear
lip - a rim/backtalk/1 side of the outer mouth
lis - a fleur-de-lis; lilly(French)/ fox(Polish)/ "litis"
lit - ignited/ illuminated/ high/ drunk/ literature
lob - to hit or throw a ball in a high arc/ to let fall
log - a cut section of a tree's trunk or limbs/ poo
loo - a card game/ a toilet or bathroom (British)
lop - to cut off a "top," head, or limb at its base
lor - interjection expressing surprise (also"lordy")
los - praise(archaic)/ the(Spanish)/ fate(Polish)
lot - a big amount/ a storage yard/ all of(British)
low - not high/close to the ground/ a sad mood
lox - liquid oxygen(magnetic)/smoked salmon
loy - a long, narrow spade for stony lands
lud - a lord/ crazy (Croatian)/ people (Polish)
lug - to drag with effort/ oafish yet lovable man
lum - a chimney/ a woody valley/a deep pool
lur - a bronze age trumpet/Earth, land (Basque)
luv - a sweetheart or lover/ a zero score in tennis
lux - a unit of illumination/ luxury/ deluxe/ big
luz - a supposedly indestructible human bone
lye - a short branch of a railway/soap(alkaline)
lym - a leash (Shakespeare) (lyme,lyam,leam)
maa - to "bleat"(like the sound a goat makes)
mac - a raincoat/a guy/a buddy/ "Macintosh"
mad - insanely brilliant/ angry/ good/"a lot of"
mae - more (Scottish)/ man or guy (Costa Rica)
mag - magazine/magpie/magnet/car wheel
mak - to make (Scottish)/ obediant (Dutch)
mal - abnormal/ sick/ funny or crazy(Dutch)
mam - mom/a Mayan tribe and its language
man - an adult male human/ to "staff"/ the ruler
map - a representation of territory/ layout/ face
mar - to spoil, damage, scratch or mark on
mas - plural of ma; mothers/ more (Spanish)
mat - to entangle/a small floor rug/ padding
maw - the jaws & mouth of a ravenous creature
max - maximum; the greatest degree of/ "inth"
may - allowed/might/a month/a kind of shrub
med - medication/ medical/ medium/ honey
meg - a halfpenny coin/ megabyte/ powerful
mel - honey/ a unit of pitch/ mellon/ Melissa
mem - short for memoir/ the 13th Hebrew letter
men - plural of man; males/ all of humankind
mes - plural of me; the 3rd note on a scale
met - encountered/ joined/ saw/ metropolitan
meu - meum athamanticum; a "spignel" plant
mew - meow/ to shut up / a cage for hawks
mho - a unit of electrical conductance/of ohm
mib - a marble used in game; mibs (also mig)
mid - short for midshipman/ the middle/ amid
mig - a playing marble in "migs"/ a Russian jet
mil - wire or plastic sheet measure =1/1000 inch
mim - a prim and proper/ modest/ demure
mir - muslim ruler/ Russian town/ peace (Slavic)
mis - plural of mi; 3rd musical notes of a scale
mix - to mingle/to jumble up/combine/stir/dub
miz - to be miserable/ turning fear into energy
mna - a Greek unit of weight or money (mina)
moa - an extinct flightless bird of New Zealand
mob - a riotous crowd/the mafia/to chop a fox
moc - short for moccasin; a soft leather shoe
mod - an unconventional style/modern/modify
moe - a wry face or mouth (mow)/ more (mo)
mog - to move away/ to go off/ a cat (British)
moi - me or I/ the self; ego (French in origin)
mol - a "molecular" measurement (also mole)
mom - mother; the female parent/mum(British)
mon - a Japanese crest or coin/ man (Patois)
moo - the "low" moan or "mew" of a cow or bull
mop - to soak up or rub dry/messy hair/to mow
mor - a type of acidic humus layer/ Moroccan
mos - plural of mo; moment/months/most (def)
mot - a witty or incisive remark or saying
mou - a mouth (Scottish)/ soft (French)/a "gab"
mow - to cut grass/a barn's hay loft/to grimace
moy - a coin or a measure (Shakespeare)
moz - a type of curse/ a banana (in "Kurdish")
mud - wet dirt or plaster/ a virtual internet world
mug - to attack and rob/the face/a cup/a thug
mum - to act in a mime/mother, "mom"(British)
mun - a man or fellow/ mouth/ money (slang)
mus - museum/ plural of mu; a Greek letter
mut - a crossbred dog(also mutt)/of mixed race
mux - muck/ to spoil, botch/ a blunder or swear
nab - to seize/ grab/ snatch/ arrest/ to tag out
nae - no/ a negative vote/ not any (Scottish)
nag - an annoying person who pesters/a horse
nah - no (slang)/ Nahum (Biblical Prophet)
nam - legal seizure of goods/ Vietnam(the war)
nan - slightly leavened bread/grandma(British)
nap - a short sleep/a raised soft or fuzzy surface
nas - has not or was not (obsolete)/ us (Slavic)
nat - a nationalist(colloquialism)/native/natural
naw - no(colloquialism)/nine(Welsh)/(Polish)
nay - a negative vote/ no/ and moreover
neb - a bird beak/ the nose/ the tip of anything
ned - a young hooligan or delinquent (British)
nee - born with the maiden name of/to be born
nef - a church nave/ a ship-like salt stand
nek - a mountain pass for a train (South Africa)
neo ~ new/ recent/ latest/ a "near earth object"
nep - a plant attractive to cats (Nepeta)/ catnip
net - a mesh of rope for trapping/the final profit
new - recent/not used/novel/a beer (Australia)
nib - the tip of a pen/the bill of a bird (also neb)
nid - nest(French)/noun inanimate dependant
nie - to draw near(obsolete)(nye)/never or not
nil - nothing/ zero/zip/ not any/ a reply of no
nim - to take or steal/ a game of deduction
nip - nipple/a bit of drink/a pinch/bite/cut/Jap
nis - a goblin in Scandinavian folklore
nit - the egg of a louse or other parasite/a fool
nix - to cancel/ a half-human, half-fish "sprite"
nob - a wealthy or influential person(British)/nip
nod - to move the head up & down/ to doze off
nog - a wooden peg/strong ale/eggnog/head
noh - a traditional style of Japanese drama
nom - name/a 'nom'inative case word/ a noun
non - a 'neg'ating prefix; excluded from/"not"of
noo - now/ an exaggerated drawn-out "no"
nor - in conjunction with "neither"/ "not either"or
nos - plural of no; a 'neg'ative reply/ 'num'bers
not - denial or negation/ in no way/ opposed to
now - the present time/at this very moment/noo
nox - nitrous oxide/night (Latin)/a goddess(nyx)
noy - that which annoys/to irritate/disturb (vex)
nth - implying a large,indefinite number/utmost
nub - the core/
nug ~ short for "nugget"/ a "bud"of marijuana num ~ number/a man,"numb" via technology
nun - a "vow-strict " woman of a religious order
nur - a knot on a tree(knur, nurr)/only (German)
nus - plural of nu;l3th Greek letter/nude(French)
nut - a crazy guy/a buff/a seed/a testicle/head
nye - to draw near (obsolete)(nie)/a nest (nide)
nys - conjunction; is not(from Chaucer, Spenser)
oaf - a lout/an idiot/a simpleton/an elf 's child
oak - an acorn tree or its color (genus Quercus)
oar - paddle;a slat used to propel & steer a boat
oat - a kind of cereal grass with edible seeds
oba - a west African chief or ruler/ both (Slavic)
obe - sorcery(of Africa)/out of body experience
obi - a sash worn with a kimono/form of sorcery
obo - a tanker for carrying "oil," and or, "ore"
obs - plural of ob; objection/ obsolete/ observe
oca - a New Zealand 'yam'(red or yellow)(oka)
och - expression of impatience, regret (Scottish)
oda - a room within a harem (Turkish)
odd - unpaired/not even/strange/unusual/rare
ode - an elaborate lyrical address,tribute,poem
ods - plural of od; a hypothetical force of nature
oes - plural of "o" & oe; a grandchild (Scottish)
off - out/away/from/uncentered/a bit nuts/to kill
oft - poetic for often; not rarely, many times
ohm - the derived unit of electrical resistance Ω
oho - an expression of triumph or surprise/ wow
ohs - plural of oh; an exclamation of surprise
oik - an inferior or lower class person (British)
oil - an extract/petroleum/fuel/liquid fat/grease
oka - a Turkish unit of weight(oke)/a tuber(oca)
oke - a measure of weight or volume (oka)
old - aged/experienced/the former/out of date
ole - a shout of approval or to stir up excitement
olm - a blind,aquatic,cave-living salamander
oms - plural of om;a most sacred mantra(aum)
one - the number"1"/an individual or thing/first
ons - plural of on; to continue/a bird's sternum
oof - a slang word for money/a loss of air mimic
ooh - to exclaim in surprise or pleasure/ awe
oom - an uncle (Dutch & South African)
oon - an oven(Scottish)/one(obsolete,Chaucer)
oop - to bind with thread or cord (Scottish)(oup)
oor - same as our; belonging to us (Scottish)
oos - plural of oo;wool(Scottish)/ "honey eaters"
oot - an out/ coyote(the Seri of Sonora, Mexico)
ope - to open (poetic, archaic; Spenser)
ops - plural of op;abstract art/goddess of plenty
opt - option/ to decide/ choose/ select/ optical
ora - plural of os; a mouth or orifice/ 2 shillings
orb - sphere/earth/globe/ball/eye/circle/orbit
orc - a killer whale(orca)/ a mythical monster
ord - a point of origin or of a weapon/order/law
ore - an aggregate of minerals/metal from rock
orf - a viral infection of sheep/a type of "id" fish
ors - plural of or; a gold color (from heraldry art)
ort - a leftover morsel or scrap of food/ a bit
ose - a narrow ridge of gravel or sand[obsolete]
oud - a lute-like string instrument (Asia & Africa)
ouk - a week(Scottish)/not(Greek)/a chess type
oup - to bind with thread/to join/unite(also oop)
our - belonging to us/ the possessive form of we
out - done/not home/unconscious/openly gay
ova - plural of ovum; the female's cell or eggs
owe - obligated to give a return/ to be in debt
owl - a nocturnal& wise bird of prey/a message
own - to possess/belong/to take on/to defeat
owt - anything (Northern English dialect)/aught
oxo - any compound containing oxygen (oxy)
oxy - oxygen/ a bivalent group (in chemistry)
oye - a grandchild (Scottish) (also oe, oy)
oys - plural of oy; a grandchild (Scottish)
pac - a moccasin-like shoe worn inside a boot
pad - a cushion/stuffing/stack of paper/home
pah - a Maori settlement /expression of disgust
pal - a friend/buddy/ bro/ a pole(Old English)
pam - the jack of clubs(trump in loo)/pamphlet
pan - critique/to move a camera/a metal dish
pap - soft food for infants/nipple/worthless ideas
par - average/normal/standard strokes in golf
pas - a dance step(ballet)/right of precedence
pat - to tap lightly/ mastered/ to hold(poker)
paw - an animal's foot/to clumsily handle/dad
pax - kiss of peace(Ecclesiastical)/peace(Latin)
pay - to give money for/ a salary/ to suffer justly
pea - a round seed in a pod of "Pisum Sativum"
pec - a pectoral muscle/1 half of a man's chest
ped - a pedestrian/pedal/pedestal/a foot suffix
pee - urine(from the "p" in piss/ pence, penny)
peg - a wooden nail/to pin down/hit/dildo sex
peh - the 17th Hebrew letter (also pe or pey)
pen - an inking utensil/a cage/a female swan
pep - energy/ high spirits/ vim/ vigor/ pepper
per - for each one/apiece/via/in accordance
pes - plural of pe;17th Hebrew letter/a foot/hoof
pet - to stroke/fondle/a kept animal/a favorite
pew - a long bench or enclosed seat in church
phi - the golden ratio/21st Greek letter/a strobe
pho - an expression of disgust(poh, foh, fie, bah)
phs - measure of acidity/ public health service
pht - an interjection of mild anger or "ire"/ "shh!"
pia - arrowroot plant/the brain's layer of "mater"
pic - a photograph(picture)/ movie/ plural; pix
pie - a fruit filled pastry/a jumble/easy/a utopia
pig - a hog(sus)/pork/a chauvinist/a slob/cop
pin - a metal rod or peg/a hold/a bowling club
pip - a dot on a die/seed/to peck out of an egg
pir - a religious instructor/ spiritual guide/ mystic
pis - plural of pi; 3.14159 (π), 16th Greek letter
pit - a sunken area or pen/a hole/a fruit's stone
piu - more (used in music) (from "plus" in Latin)
pix - pictures/ a box for Eucharistic bread (pyx)
ply - to bend or fold/bias/a layer/to persist with
poa - grass;meadow,Kentucky blue,June,spear
pod - a shell/ compartment/ a small flock/ cod
poh - interjection expressing disgust (pho, bah)
poi - a Hawaiian dish of fermented "kalo"(taro)
pol - a politician/Polish/pole or gender (Slavic)
pom - an Australian term for "Brit"/Pomeranian
poo - to defecate/ excrement/ shit/ pot resin
pop - a burst/shot/hit/to eat/soda/popular/dad
pos - positive/ position/ possession/ possessive
pot - a deep pan/weed/the sum won (poker)
pow - the sound of an explosion or big impact
pox - syphilis/a pock rash disease/a hex/soil rot
poz - short form of positive (obsolete) (also pozz)
pre - a prefix/ before/ earlier than/ prior to
pro - professional/ prostitute/ in favor of/ not con
pry - to be nosey/ to use leverage to open
psi - the 23rd Greek letter/ psychic phenomena
pst - interjection used to attract attention (psst)
pub - a bar/ tavern/a public house serving ale
pud - dessert or "pudding"(British slang)/a penis
pug - to fill with clay, mortar/type of dog, moth
pul - a coin of Afghanistan;100 puls =1"afghani"
pun - a humorous play on word interpretations
pup - a puppy/a young, inexperienced person
pur - a low, continuous murmur of pleasure(cat)
pus - a thick yellowish fluid from an infection
put - to place/set/arrange/express/subject/bet
puy - a small volcanic cone or hill (in France)
pya - a copper coin of Burma;100 pyas =1'kyat'
pye - a mix of type/magpie/service book (pie)
pyx - a special box for coins or Eucharist bread
qat - a shrub used for tea or chewed (kat, khat)
qis - plural of qi; an "inner life" force (also chi)
qua - in the capacity or character of (Latin)
rad - to fear/radian/radical/cool/excellent/hip
rag - to ridicule/torn clothing/a tampon/a stone
rah - an exclamation of joy or encouragement
rai - Algerian pop music/ paradise (Slavic)
raj - dominion/ sovereignty/rule/reign (in India)
ram - a male sheep/a piston/to strike or collide
ran - raced/ campaigned/ operated/ flowed
rap - to jar/hit/blame/to talk rhythmically/gab
ras - a chief/ prince/ captain/ a title of authority
rat - a rodent/scab/to frequent/to betray/damn
raw - not cooked/new/natural/chafed/rough
rax - to stretch after sleep/ to reach for or out
ray - a beam of light/a gleam/a flat body fish
reb - a Confederate/rebel/Mister(a Yiddish title)
rec - recreation/smoke(Old English with long e)
red - the color of blood/left wing/to clear (redd)
ree - a female Sandpiper bird/to sift/a coin (rei)
ref - referee; the chief official/ reference/ refund
reg - regular/regulation/a stony desert surface
reh - an accumulation of salts on soil (obsolete)
rei - a portuguese coin(ree)/ a friend (Biblical)
rem - a unit of radiation/ rapid eye movement
ren - a kidney/ to run(renne)/ name(Egyptian)
rep - representative/reputation/a ribbed fabric
res - a reservation(also rez)/ an object or thing
ret - to wet flax or hemp for softening and use
rev - to accelerate/revolution/revelation/review
rew - a row;an arranged line of things(obsolete)
rex - king(Latin)/a dander-only haired cat/t-rex
rez - a reservation/ resurrection/ resonance
rho - the 17th Greek letter(Pp)/origin of R (rhotic)
rhy - rye grain (obsolete)/ too(much) (Welsh)
ria - a drowned valley/a long narrow river inlet
rib - to tease/an arc bone/cloth ridge/leaf vein
rid - to free of/relieve/discard/rode(archaic)
rif - to can staff (budgetary)/Berber member(riff)
rig - to fit with/fix/set up/control/gear/truck/boat
rim - an edge/outer circle/metal ring/hubcap
rin - to run (Scottish)/1000=1yen&10=1sen(Jap$)
rip - to tear/cut/rob/a type of tide/a bong toke
rit - to score(ritt)/ritardando; to slow down tempo
riz - past tense of rise(obsolete)/ rice (French)
rob - to steal from/to deprive of/rip off/mine ore
roc - an enormous bird of Arabian legend (rok)
rod - a wand/stick/shaft/pole/penis/gun/car
roe - a mass of fish eggs/caviar/also fish sperm!
rok - a large, mythical, Eastern bird of prey (ruc)
rom - a gypsy man or boy/Roman/romance
roo - a kangaroo/ an Aboriginal term for "poo"
rot - to decay/bad/rotten/spoiled/corrupt/bunk
row - to propel with an oar/ any line of things
rub - to massage/chafe/erase/bug/an obstacle
ruc - a bird of great size and strength (roc, ruk)
rud - redden/ruddle; red ochre/rudd; red fin fish
rue - to regret/a poison ivy like plant (Ruta herb)
rug - a small,thick carpet of fabric or fur/toupee
rum - a liquor of raw sugar/rummy/odd (British)
run - to flow/race/control/creep/score/a series
rut - a groove/routine/heat; an annual sex drive
rya - a colorful, Scandinavian rug/sheep breed
rye - the grain or flour used for whisky & bread
sab - to sob(obsolete)/Sabbath; the day of rest
sac - a bio-sack/ a bag/ the Sauk of "sac & fox"
sad - unhappy/down/of a dark hue/pitiful/bad
sae - so (Scottish); thus, to the extent of, very, too
sag - to droop/ decline/ hang loosely/ sink in
sai - a Capuchin monkey/a 3 pronged dagger
sal - a large North Indian tree/salt (in chemistry)
sam - together(obsolete)/Samuel; name of God
san - Bushman;a short nomad of southern Africa
sap - to drain/ tree or plant juice/ a fool/ a staff
sar - to savor(Old English); to enjoy taste or smell
sat - rested/placed/perched/reality(Hinduism)
sau - a Vietnamese coin/ a German river
saw - a cutting tool/ visualized/ saying/ proverb
sax - saxophone/a knife "slater's axe"(zax)
say - to speak/ hey/ a delicate woolen fabric
saz - a long-necked, 3, 6 or 9 string instrument
sea - an ocean or its waves/ a lot of something
sec - a secant line/a second/secular/dry(wine)
sed - past tense of say (obsolete)/ sediment
see - to eye/view/visit/learn/date/match a bet
seg - a stud in a shoe sole/a castrated bull (cut)
sei - a kind of whale/ six(Italian from Latin "sex")
sel - self(Scottish)/salt(French)/seal(Norwegian)
sen - a Japanese coin/dream(Slavic)plural; sny
ser - a unit of weight in India/ to be (Spanish)
set - to put/ affix/ a unit of tennis/ any like group
sew - to fix with a needle & thread/ stitch/ to get
sex - gender/ guy or gal/ to have intercourse
sey - a part of a beef carcase/we see(obsolete)
sez - a widely accepted slang word for "says"
sha - interjection requesting silence (also shh)
she - the female or feminine object mentioned
shh - interjection used to get silence (sha, shhh)
shy - bashful/ timid/ coy/ short of/ to fling/recoil
sib - of blood relation/ akin/ bro or sis/ sibling
sic - thus written; a non-editt[sic]/ to incite a dog
sim - simulation/a "smart"card/yes(Portuguese)
sin - an act against moral law/ an "arc sine"
sip - to drink a wee bit at a time/taste/ a nip/ tot
sir - an address of respect or rank for a man
sis - sister; a female sib/six(Catalan)/fog(Turkish)
sit - to rest on yer ass/pose for/occupy/baby-sit
six - a digit between five & seven/ the number 6
ska - reggae mix of rim tap, sax & blues music
ski - one of two runners worn to glide on snow
sky - the upper air/ heaven/ to the nth degree
sly - cunning/wily/secret/cunning/swift/fox like
sma - small (Scottish)/ "shape memory alloy"
sny - the arc of an ark/dreams (Slavic)/ a snye
sob - to cry uncontrollably/weep/son of a bitch
soc - the right of holding a local court/ socialist
sod - a grass mat/turf/a fag(sodomite)/guy/kid
sog - soaked (from Middle English "soggen")
soh - syllable for the 5th note on a scale (so, sol)
sol - the 5th note(soh)/a G tone/a coin(sou)/sun
son - a male offspring/a young man/a lad/boy
sop - to absorb/soak/dip/a bribe/sea(in Dutch)
sos - plural for so note(soh)/a distress code/help!
sot - a chronic drunk/a fool/a sap/an imbecile
sou - an old French coin(sol)/ of no worth/ south
sov - short for sovereign; a gold coin of Britain
sow - to scatter seed/ a female pig/ hog/ bitch
sox - plural of sock; footwear, short stockings
soy - soybeans/soy sauce, milk/ I am(Spanish)
spa - a hip resort/ health club/ hot tub or spring
spy - to watch secretly/ a double agent/ to see
sri - a Hindu title of respect (sir)/ Mister in India
sty - a pen for a pig/a lump on the lid of an eye
sub - to substitute/submarine/a long bun "hero"
sud - a froth of soapy water(used as plural; suds)
sue - to prosecute by law/ to woo or court a gal
sui - a Latin pronoun; himself, herself, itself
suk - a market(from Arabic suq)/ suck(short for)
sum - a total/to add all/ I am(Latin)/ some(Old)
sun - the center star of a solar system/to tan, dry
sup - to eat supper/to sip(soupen)/wassup?; hey
suq - an open air mart/a bazaar(also souk, suk)
sur - upon, above, on top of (from Latin "super")
sus - to arrest for suspicious acts/ a pig (in Latin)
swy - the Australian "two-up" coin-toss game
sye - to strain/impersonal form of"see"(obsolete)
syn - since(also syne)/ a footprint/ a slight trace
tab - to name/label/ a bill/credit/tablet/a cola
tad - a slight amount or degree/a wee bit/ boy
tae - to(Scottish)/toe(Old English)/poo(Somoan)
tag - to peg/tap/label/mark graffiti/ an add on
tai - a red, Japanese,"good luck" fish/ Thailand
taj -a tall hat or conical, Muslim cap/ a crown
tak - to take(Scottish)/yes(Polish)/no(Indonesia)
tam - a flat top, wool cap with a tuft (Scottish)
tan - to sop hides in a tannic dye/ to sun bathe
tao - the law of all that is/virtuous/the way (dao)
tap - a shoe-click dance/ hit/pat/ to draw off of
tar - a dark brown or jet black residue/ a sailor
tas - plural of ta; thanks/ a heap or bag (Dutch)
tat - to touch up/tattoo/lace type/sleaze/tit (for)
tau - the 23rd Hebrew letter (tav, taw)/ a protein
tav - the 23rd Hebrew letter(tau, taw)/a tavern
taw - to tan for white leather/marble-game/tew
tax - a public upkeep fee/a due to pay/a strain
tay - tea(dialect)/a branch of the Tai language
tea - a plant & a drink made from its leaf or bud
ted - to spread & dry new cut hay/a teddy-boy
tee - a golf ball peg/the letter 'T'/a T-shirt/best fit
tef - an Ethiopian "lovegrass" flour for injera (teff)
teg - a sheep or "doe" in its second year ( tegg)
tel - mound(Arabic)/oil (Bengali)/ 2 (Volapük)
ten - the number 10/a ranking of "perfect"/"hot"
tes - plural of te; the 7nth tone (ti)/ "tao powers"
tet - the 9th Hebrew letter (teth)/ a boob or "tit"
tew - to hustle/tease/vex/to flog(taw)/hard work
the - a "definite article"/the most common word
tho - though or although(informal)/a tai branch
thy - the possessive form of thou; of thee (yours)
tic - an spastic muscle twitch/a quirk/1/2 tic-toc
tid - tender,nice(tidbit)/mood;Scottish/time(Old)
tie - to fasten/join/knot/neckwear/a draw/even
tig - a game of tag(Scottish)/a jug-like cup(tyg)
til - the sesame plant(teel)/till or until/good(Old)
tin - a malleable, silvery metal/a pan/can/box
tip - a gratuity/a point or an end/a bit of advice
tis - plural of ti; the7nth tone in a scale/ it is/ it's
tit - a tug/a breast/teat/ boob/ titmouse/ (for) tat
toc - tele-code for the letter "T"/tic-toc(tick-tock)
tod -an old wool weight(todde)/fox(OldEnglish)
toe - a foot digit/ hoof or shoe tip/ dam(Finnish)
tog - to dress up/duds/a coat/cloak; toga(Latin)
tom - a male cat or turkey-cock/tomboy/a hoe
ton - the prevailing style(from tone)/a lot/heavy
too - also/ as well/ more than desired/ so much
top - to one up/high tip/on/a lid/a spin toy/shirt
tor - a high,rocky hill (torr)/ a tower (twr; Celtic)
tot - a kid/ to sum up/ add/ a sip or nip of "rum"
tow - to tug along/to fray hemp(gon)for towbag
toy - to play at/trinket/doll/a tiny dog/trifle/cap
try - to make an effort/attempt/test/experience
tsk - a scolding sound/ for shame!/ tsk tsk (tut tut)
tub - a bath/an ore car/a vat/a fat guy/spa/ark
tug - to pull hard/yank/jerk/a small boat for tow
tui - a multi-hue,yet jet black, Maori talking bird
tum - tummy/ stomach/ a sac/ gut/ to ret wool
tun - a large cask for ale/ a keg/ a vat/ a tunnel
tup - to fuck(a ewe)/a ram/a hammer pin (tip)
tut - tut tut(tsk tsk); for shame!/ a statue or image
tux - tuxedo/a black jacket or suit &tie/penguin
twa - two(Old)(duo;Latin)(dva;Slavic)/a"Batwa"
two - the number 2;mid;1&3/deuce/poo/in half
twp - stupid (Welsh)/non white township(Africa)
tye - a trough for washing ore/ a tie/ a rope
tyg - an old drinking cup with two handles (tig)
udo - a Japanese plant with edible "shoots"
uds - interjection for "gods" or "god save" (Old)
uey - a u-turn/ to "flip a bitch"/360 degree spin
ufo - an unidentified flying object/ flying saucer
ugh - a sound of a grunt or disgust/ egg(Gaelic)
ugs - present tense of ug; to loathe/ ugsome
uke - ukulele; a small, 4 string guitar (
ule - a Central American rubber tree/ owl (Old)
ulu - a crescent shaped(women's)knife(Eskimo)
umm - an expression of doubt or hesitation/ er
ump - umpire; an official of a baseball game
uni - sea urchin(Japan)/ single/ dream(Finnish)
uns - plural of un; a,an,one(dialect)(Latin; unus)
upo - upon (Old English from the Greek "ouo")
ups - up; to add/ to have great jumping range
urb - an urban area (from Latin's "suburbium")
urd - black lentil/dal/fate goddess,weird(Norse)
ure - an extinct wild ox/ inure; to endure pain
urn - a large vase for the dead's ashes/a tea pot
use - to apply/employ/take/exploit/utilize/help
uta - a genus of iguanid lizards (in Western U.S.)
ute - an Native tribe & language ('Utah" origin)
uts - plural of ut; a C note(do);lowest notes(Latin)
utu - sun god(ancient Sumerian)/ to pay(Maori)
uva - a grape(Latin)/ultraviolet "dark light"rays
vac - a vacuum cleaner(Latin; vacuous;empty)
vae - a bay(Shetland)(voe)/ woe or alas (Latin)
van - a cargo vehicle (caravan)/ a "vanguard"
var - volt-ampere;1volt yields 1amp/ a variant
vas - a duct for blood,semen,etc/a vessel(Latin)
vat - a big tub/barrel/keg/from'fat&vessel'(Old)
vau - the 6th Hebrew letter(vav)/ wow! (Finnish)
vav - the 6th Hebrew letter(also vaw, waw, vau)
vaw - the 6th Hebrew letter(also vav, waw, vau)
vee - the letter "v" or anything shaped as such
veg - vegetable(lively)/to zone out/brain dead
vet - to investigate/veterinarian(pet Dr.)/veteran
vex - to distress/ annoy/ irk/ bug/ a disturbance
via - by way of/a passage/method/road (Latin)
vid - a video(from Latin; video; I see/videre;see)
vie - to strive for victory/contend/compete/rival
vig - vigorish; a fee you owe a bookie for a bet
vim - of an energetic spirit/ lively(from Latin; vis)
vin - wine(French)(Latin vinum;wine,vinea;vine)
vis - a force/power/vigor(Latin)/wise(Swedish)
vly - a swamp or marsh (Dutch form of "valley")
voe - an inlet/bay/creek (Old Norse) (also vae)
vol - two conjoined wings(from French)/volume
vor - to warn(Shakespeare;vor(e); to "warrant")
vow - a solemn promise/to swear (Latin; votum)
vox - voice(Latin)/a singer's ability (Old English)
vug - a rock's cavity or crystal lined vein (vugg)
vum - to vow/swear true/ I vum! (New England)
wab - a web(Scottish&N.England) (Old; wefan)
wad - a small mass/ cum/ a bundle of money
wae - woe(Scottish)/ wave (obsolete;Spenser)
wag - to waggle/nod/skip class/a person of wit
wan - pale/lacking hue/dim (Old; wann;dark)
wap - to put or pull violently/slap/hit/rap/beat
war - to fight with a foe/ vie for/ a conflict/ battle
was - used to be(Old;wesan*pie;wes-to remain)
wat - a Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu temple; school
waw - a wave/ the 6th Hebrew letter (vav, vaw)
wax - bee goo(comb/candle)/ cerumen(ear)
way - a scheme/ method(how to)/ a path/ very
web - a spider's silk structure/weave/trap/plan
wed - to get married/unite/merge/devoted to
wee - a little bit/ a "tad nip"(we)/ urine/ to pee
wem - the womb/belly/to blemish/harm/defile
wen - a cyst/zit/a crowd/wyn/joy/desire(*pie)
wet - not dry/to pee/sop/very drunk/aroused
wex - to grow or become(also wax)(Chaucer)
wey - an old British weight/Scotch-Irish amount
wha - who (Scottish)/ the number "4" (Maori)
who - which one/those that/qui;French,qwo;pie
why - the reason/cause of/how come/(hwi;Old)
wig - a hairpiece/to trip out/flip your lid/to scold
win - to succeed or achieve/to dry(Old;winnow)
wis - wise/aware/ to see or know(of Old; 'wit'an)
wit - keenly humorous/ wise comic/ clever/ wot
wiz - a wizard/magician/gifted/skilled/ to pee
woe - misery/sorrow/grief/distress/dismay(wae)
wog - dark foreigner(rude)/wop/from'golliwog'
wok - a large, bowl-like, Chinese, stir-frying pan
won - got a win(van-pie)/to dwell/coin=100jun
woo - to court(get sex)/win/beg/bid for/charm
wop - an Italian(rude)/dago/wog/ wap(whop)
wos - plural of wo(woes);miseries/troubles/pains
wot - to know(present tense of wit; from wid-pie)
wow - expression of awe/to impress,amaze,thrill
wox - past tense of wax; to increase or become
wry - twisted/contorted/bent/a dry wit/sardonic
wud - insane/mad/ to cover with trees (Scottish)
wus - a companion(Welsh)/wussy(wimp&pussy)
wye - the letter Y/ like a Y in shape/ of 3 ways

wyn - a 'rune'= to the modern "w"from'uu'(wen)
xis - plural of xi; the l4th Greek letter (sound of x)
yah - Creole;kum by yah(come by here)/a nob
yak - a big, shaggy ox (bos)/ to yuk/gab/puke
yam - a sweet potato/ a god of the sea(chaos)
yap - to hue/yip/arf/a shrill bark/a 'mou'/a twit
yar - quick/agile/spry/a ship easy to steer(yare)
yaw - to deviate off course/to steer bad/zig zag
yay - a Tai language/ yes/ yea/ about 'so' high
yea - yes/aye/yay/indeed/an affirmative vote
yeh - an informal "yes"/ not only so, but...(yeah)
yen - a strong 'fix'craving/1000rin,100sen(Jap$)
yep - a lax, affirmative reply/yup/yes/yeh/yea
yes - expression of pleasure/ a consenting reply
yet - nevertheless/ but/ besides/ (up to)now/ still
yew - a bow wood &anti-tumor(paclitaxel) tree
yex - to hiccup, belch or burp (also yox or yux)
ygo - past tense of go; to move along/gone/out
yid - an offensive term for a Jew (from 'Yiddish')
yin - fem & neg(not yang)/ one(Scotish)/ Shang
yip - a short,high-pitched bark/a sharp cry/yap
yob - a rowdy, drunk lad ('backslang' for 'boy')
yod - 'the primal vibration'/a wee Hebrew letter
yok - to joke/a loud,hearty laugh(also yuk,yak)
yom - a Hebrew word for "day"(i.e.Yom Kippur)
yon - (that one)yonder; far away, yet you see it
yos - plural of yo;heys/Spanish;egos/keys/cayo
you - the "one" reading this/thou/you all/the/ye
yow - a fun expression of surprise/ to howl(yowl)
yug - 1of 4 Hindu stages toward 'the end'(yuga)
yuk - to laugh loudly(yok,yak)/disgusting(yuck)
yum - expression of taste satisfaction (yummy)
yup - yep/ 'y'oung'u'rban'p'rofessional(yuppie)
yus - plural of yu; a precious jade/ yes (dialect)
zag - one of two sharp turns/opposite way of zig
zap - to fry/delete/nix/end/lazer/charge/shock
zax - a tool used to cut & poke holes in roof slate
zea - a genus of grass plants/maize/sweet corn
zed - the letter Z (British;French;zeda;Greek;zeta)
zee - the letter "z"(U.S.)the 26th letter/zed/'izzard'
zek - a prisoner at a Soviet-Russian labor camp
zel - cymbal(Oriental,Moorish)/ breed of sheep
zen ~ enlightenment thru meditation or intuition
zex - an obsolete spelling of the "zax"chopper
zho - a male hybrid of a yak & cow (dso,dzo,zo)
zig - away from 'zag'/ 1part of a 'zigzag'pattern
zin - zinfandel; a dry red wine,grape(California)
zip - zero/nil/to close up/vim/pep/a mail code
zit - an acne "pimple"(U.S. slang)/ skin blemish
ziz - to"nap"(sound of sleeping)/ a flower (Bible)
zoa - plural of zoon;animals from an egg/zooid
zoo - a park for exhibiting animals/wild,chaotic
zos - plural of "zo"; the males of a cow & a yak
zuz - an ancient Hebrew silver coin(Palestinian)
etc ~ etcetera; everything else/all the rest/more
. . . . . . and so on/and so forth/additional odds and ends/continuing in the same way/anything left out/et = and, cetera = the rest (a Latin phrase)


- The words defined above can all be found in the Official International Scrabble list of English 3letterwords. There are also seven entries added that are followed by a ~ tilde instead of a – hyphen . For more details, see the "tag" table below.

- The English language is of a "Germanic etymology stem" that traces back to "Proto-Indo-European (pie) roots." It has "adopted" a lot of "foreign words," "abbreviations," and "slang" along the way that are words within this "official"list.

- Wherever possible, a translation's (origin) is given, and special attention is paid to use 3letterwords within each 3letterword's definition. This is a highly researched index that avoids the use of abbreviations, yet still includes a lot of references.

- The text for each entry is an easy-to-read, one-line summary, that uses division/lines, (parentheses), and "quotation marks" to aid in condensing information or in "calling attention" to anything "odd"(interesting).

- To do yer own research on any of these 3letterwords you can find "all" of the references above somewhere within the sources listed below. However, you will not often find the same wording, or any other 3letterword list quite like ours.

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There are seven words within our 3letterword list that are not yet "Internationally accepted English words." Our intentions were to offer you the most "official," yet "all inclusive" list possible, so you will find that these seven are "separated" from the rest by using a ~ tilde instead of a – hyphen before their definitions.
Also, there are only two of the "official" English three letter words that are not included in our list above. They are "lod" and "puh."
But instead of reconstructing our "big display" or the index above to include these two words, we will use them, along with the seven additions, to start a fresh list of "new 3letterwords" below.
You may send us yer own additions if you like, and this "neo glossary" will continue to grow. In fact, "yer " already a part of it from the start!
You may have noticed that the word "yer" is not defined in our list above, yet we use this shortened form of "your" throughout our entire site. So,"yer," the tenth entry!

emo ~ a music genre;"emotive"(melodic punk) etc ~ etcetera; everything else/all the rest/more
fam ~ slang for"family";one's "kin"/yer "familiar" grr ~ to make a sound like a wild animal or dog
lod - nativity/ generation (a rare Biblical word)neo ~ new/ recent/ latest/ a "near earth object"
nug ~ short for "nugget"/ a "bud"of marijuana num ~ number/a man,"numb" via technology puh - a word of contempt or disdain (poh, bah)
yer – a shortened spelling of "your" (also you're)